The day I said yes to digital residency

Last week I went along to Jisc Digital Leadership programme to learn about the Digital Capabilities project but I left also knowing more about myself.

In one of the sessions we had to map our own digital practices (see David White’s blog post  for more details). The activity gave us space and time to reflect on whether we just ”visit” the web or are more of a resident leaving a trace, adding to the web and interacting with others.

Even though Donna Lanclose and David White were quick to point out that none of the practices is better than the other I thought that my map with the great empty space between the personal and resident axis looked a bit sad.

I was quick to explain to myself and others that I’m a private person and don’t enjoy oversharing and these personality traits were very much reflected in my digital map.

It made me think though whether it was the only reason for not joining the conversation or contributing more. Perhaps it was not that I wanted to keep things private but I was lacking the confidence and courage to speak out. Was I missing out on some great adventure that the digital allows?

That day I joined Twitter. I decided to see for myself what the other 314 million users see in it.

Today I have written my first blog post. If you have read it it means I am a visitor no more!


8 thoughts on “The day I said yes to digital residency

  1. It is good to see you taking the step and joining us blogging reprobates (just don’t listen to Kernohan – he’ll lead you astray!) Enjoying your blog so far 🙂


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