My Twitter life so far (and why you might consider joining)

My Twitter life has been brief but intense: I witnessed the “heart gate“,was amazed at the positive reaction to my first ever blog post and seem to have found an instant solution to all my problems!

Mostly Twitter proved to be very useful for getting information. It saved me a long bus ride and and an upset 5 year old thanks to an update about the ice rink closure due to too much rain (#British winter). It has also helped me to learn about many interesting events taking place around Bristol.

I was surprised how Twitter made it easy to feel involved in those big events. There were lots of people sending updates and pictures and the organisers responding. It was interesting to experience the technology bringing together the organisers and participants.

It took me many years to join Twitter and one of my fears was that it was all about the “what I had for breakfast” type of tweets. But what I actually found is that I am able to talk to and witness some really in depth exploration of topics and really interesting ideas that otherwise I would have missed.

My biggest Twitter discovery is the ISS (International Space Station) account. The stunning images of the Earth seen from space and the realisation that there are people out there spending a year in space somehow put into perspective the school run tantrums, work stresses and my other worldly struggles.

So 4 weeks in and I’m positively hooked. If I can learn one great thing from Twitter a day and have a couple of meaningful conversations that’s a positive addition to my life already. OK, and the Crap portraits.

So if you have any recommendations of awesome and inspiring Twitter accounts I should follow then I’d love to hear about them.


3 thoughts on “My Twitter life so far (and why you might consider joining)

  1. We should go for things that makes us feel good and open our minds. If Twitter can make it even on a long bus ride, sounds like a thing worth trying out. 🙂


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