How to be happier and more productive

The first week back at work after the winter break and New Year celebrations can be a bit dreary. So I was very excited to find out that the Peak Work Performance Summit is happening this week. I have been following some of the talks based on scientific proven ideas on how to work smarter and be more productive and now feel reenergised to get great things done in 2016!

I especially loved two talks from Day 1: Determining What is Essential and Eliminating Everything Else by Greg McKeown and Staying Positive in a Stressful Workplace by Shawn Achor.

According to Greg Mckeown the key to being more productive is accepting you cannot get everything done, to focus, avoid disruptions and learn how to diplomatically say no. I really liked the phrase that Greg used saying that if you spread yourself too thin then you make “millimetre progress in million directions”. I think this phrase resonates with me because as a person with a wide variety of interests it is very easy for me to volunteer myself for lots of activities but seeing them through to the completion is another matter.

Greg talked about being careful of how you use email as I quote ”Every time you are checking your email you are responding to some else’s agenda”. It helps to have your own priorities for the day set up before staring to check email.

Shawn Anchor gave a great talk which evolved round happiness both at work and in personal life.  I liked the idea of making small changes which have massive impact and I will definitely be trying out some of the short activities he described. I was also inspired by the fact that 5% decrease in the amount of “noise” (news, information, emails) in your life increases the ability to see success patterns. Taking a break and reflecting on something completely different can bring unexpected and brilliant solutions to our problems (some great examples in Shawn’s talk). On a personal note I loved the phrase he used that “worrying is not love”.

The Peak Work Performance Summit continues this week with many great talks ahead. I’m especially looking forward to hearing how to beat procrastination (Richard Wiseman’s session on How to Change Your Life in 59 Seconds) and am very intrigued by Todd Henry’s session which will answer the question what a winemaker can teach you about having creative ideas. So here is to happier and more productive 2016!


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